There’s not a whole lot of new shows this fall that have drawn me in. Hostages (airing on CBS) ,however, is one of the two that are.

Let’s start off with the cast–Dylan McDermott has done it again & is playing another ‘bad guy’ role. He’s just so good at them so I can see what they casted him in this role. Toni Collette is doing an amazing job playing a strong mother who is a surgeon for the President of the United States. She’s trying to keep her family safe and do what needs to be done.

The premise of this show is that Ellen (Toni Collette) has been chosen by the President to operate on him. Being that she will be operating on the President, obviously her name is in the news and everyone knows who she is now. She comes home from work one day (close to the operation date) and finds Duncan (Dylan McDermott) in her home holding her husband, daughter, and son hostage. Duncan is threatening to kill her family if she doesn’t kill the President during surgery and make it seem like an accident. The show follows Ellen’s struggle to try to keep her family safe while trying to decide what she thinks is the right thing to do. It also sheds some light on the background of how Duncan and his associates got involved with this particular ‘assignment’ (if you will).

Overall–I’m not totally obsessed with this show (just yet) but I am hooked enough to keep watching to see how this season will turn out. If you like drama TV shows, this just might be for you.